The Perfect Solution


You just have to talk to him naturally and he will answer you vocally or by texts in your chosen language (English, French or Chinese). You can thus have a real conversation with your personal assistant. Wiidii does all the researches for you and provides you in an instant with a personalized answer depending on your preferences, budget or even habits. Thanks to Wiidii’s mix between artificial intelligence and human know-how, all your requests are carefully handled.


Who is this application for?


Hybrid assistance

We offer an innovative solution of personal assistance to customers of large international groups and tourists all around the world.



A solution during your transports as well as in your everyday life

In their everyday life, Wiidii saves them some precious time. This pocket assistant offers a high quality service thanks to our qualified team of personal assistants.


For business and leisure travelers

While traveling, Wiidii is the perfect solution for tourists and business travelers. He provides them with personalized information, he helps them with all their reservations, gives them advice on places to go around them…