The Application

For businesses only, not available to individuals.

Wiidii, Your new personal assistant!

This amazing mobility tool is an application combining both a unique artificial intelligence and a real concierge service (with human personal assistants). Wiidii assists you in your everyday life and during your private or business trips. This revolutionary and innovative tool follows you anywhere and answers all your requests in an instant.

He recommends places

Wiidii suggests you great places to visit around you. You wish to go to a nice restaurant, a hotel, a fancy gym, a trendy bar…? Wiidii is here for you!


He makes all your reservations

Wiidii helps you with all your reservations: plane, train, restaurant, hotel, taxi, car rental, a seat for a show, a ticket for a match…

He takes all your appointments

Because Wiidii is hybrid, he can also call your doctor, dentist, hairdresser, colleague… and adds all your appointments directly to your agenda.



He does all the researches for you

Wiidii searches all the information on the internet for you. He helps you save some precious time: He helps you search for the best price for a train ticket, the opening hours of your favorite shop or a museum, a nice performance for a Saturday night…

He manages your reminders

Wiidii reminds you to be on time for an appointment, to buy some bread, to purchase a gift for your wife’s birthday, to call an important client...

He saves all your documents

Wiidii saves your important documents in full security: passport, ID card, driver’s license, blood type card, vaccination card, membership cards... all your documents are just within your reach at any moment!