The Application


The Application

For businesses only, not available to individuals.

Wiidii, Your new personal assistant!

This amazing mobility tool is an application combining both a unique artificial intelligence and a real concierge service (with human personal assistants). Wiidii assists you in your everyday life and during your private or business trips. This revolutionary and innovative tool follows you anywhere and answers all your requests in an instant.

He recommends places

Wiidii suggests you great places to visit around you. You wish to go to a nice restaurant, a hotel, a fancy gym, a trendy bar…? Wiidii is here for you!


He makes all your reservations

Wiidii helps you with all your reservations: plane, train, restaurant, hotel, taxi, car rental, a seat for a show, a ticket for a match…

He takes all your appointments

Because Wiidii is hybrid, he can also call your doctor, dentist, hairdresser, colleague… and adds all your appointments directly to your agenda.



He does all the researches for you

Wiidii searches all the information on the internet for you. He helps you save some precious time: He helps you search for the best price for a train ticket, the opening hours of your favorite shop or a museum, a nice performance for a Saturday night…

He manages your reminders

Wiidii reminds you to be on time for an appointment, to buy some bread, to purchase a gift for your wife’s birthday, to call an important client...

He saves all your documents

Wiidii saves your important documents in full security: passport, ID card, driver’s license, blood type card, vaccination card, membership cards... all your documents are just within your reach at any moment! 


The Perfect Solution


The Perfect Solution


You just have to talk to him naturally and he will answer you vocally or by texts in your chosen language (English, French or Chinese). You can thus have a real conversation with your personal assistant. Wiidii does all the researches for you and provides you in an instant with a personalized answer depending on your preferences, budget or even habits. Thanks to Wiidii’s mix between artificial intelligence and human know-how, all your requests are carefully handled.


Who is this application for?


Hybrid assistance

We offer an innovative solution of personal assistance to customers of large international groups and tourists all around the world.



A solution during your transports as well as in your everyday life

In their everyday life, Wiidii saves them some precious time. This pocket assistant offers a high quality service thanks to our qualified team of personal assistants.


For business and leisure travelers

While traveling, Wiidii is the perfect solution for tourists and business travelers. He provides them with personalized information, he helps them with all their reservations, gives them advice on places to go around them…


An Innovative Assistant


An Innovative Assistant

The hybrid personal assistant: HE will revolutionize your life


Wiidii is not only innovative by his combination of machine and humans.

His artificial intelligence is unique, because you can have a real conversation with Wiidii. Everyday, the A.I learns from you in order to provide even more relevant answers.

The more you use Wiidii, the more he gets to know you and provide you with more personalized answers. He stores securely all the relevant information about you and all the data you want him to store for you. In a way, he becomes your digital clone who can do for you all the tasks you do not want to do anymore.

His abilities are beyong imaginations. He learns from you and the other users everyday in order to better assist you and better answer you. His smart search engine grows everyday thanks to the users.

Last year, Wiidii was an ambitious project. Today, it has become a reality.

Press Room


Press Room


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Cédric Dumas
Founder & CEO

Maxime Degenne
Chief Technology Officer

Cédric Fouilleul
Chief Operating Officer

Johanna Picaud
Chief Financial Officer

Anissa Recroix
Project Manager

Fabien Forsans
Customer Service Manager


Céline Pluijm
Key Account Manager




Nicolas MARTIN, CEO of Bordeaux Tourism

“In 2014, Bordeaux Tourist office the hybrid assistant Wiidii. This application has been first integrated into the 'Citypass' as an additional service. Now, this travel companion is called 'Assistant Bordeaux' and can be used on its own so tourists can enjoy their journey and make the most of it.

Offering this application allows us to innovate and develop our services, which is highly appreciated by tourists. We are thrilled and very excited about this partnership!"


Jean-Bernard FALCO, CEO of Paris Inn Group

"Wiidii is THE solution we chose to offer a unique experience to our clients. Thanks to this revolutionary pocket companion, people staying in our hotels can have their own personal assistant during their stay. Our customers can easily request to book a restaurant or a taxi, to find tickets for a show or even to get information on a city they want to visit.

What's really innovative about it is that the application combines an artificial intelligence and a team of human concierges and thus maintains and ensures a quality and a simplicity of use which makes it really unique.”


Antoine HEBER-SUFFRIN, Head of Digital Innovation at Zodiac Nautic

"Waters ports is by essence a very stressful activity: there are so many things you need to do for your boat: registration, maintenance, launching, winterizing, servicing, fixtures. Waters are unique, rules and interlocutors change all the time. Zodiac Nautic has always focused on making watersports accessible for everyone – that's why we decided to offer the first water sports concierge service available directly on your mobile phone. 

Our partnership with Wiidii allowed us to integrate this service as a white label in a mobile application, guaranteeing the real know-how of an actual concierge company.”


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