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Our collaboration with the powerhouses of health insurance led us to develop technological tools adapted to their problems, included directly in our application.


Our user’s flexibility is key to our Companion. Organising a business trip or a holiday, managing your bookings, and accompanying you while you are abroad, based on your needs are our priorities, at any time of the day.


The focus of our Companion is making your online shopping easier, and because we care about security, our application meets the expectations of the large financial groups that we work with (banks, credit card companies, etc.).


We have created the first personal assistant application capable of empathy (iOS and Android). Firmly human and endearing, this partner and confidant listens to you, understands you, and feels your emotions, all in the pursuit of helping you whenever you need.
Your daily companion answers your requests 24/7, in the language of your choice and anticipates your every need by discussing naturally with you (in spoken or written form).

This solution is offered as a white label product to businesses of all sector.


  • Suggestions

    Are you looking for a restaurant, a trendy bar, or a gym? In no time, it will give you the advice you need, according to your tastes, your budget, your location, and your habits.

  • Booking & Shopping

    It manages all your reservations and your online shopping: taxis, hotels, restaurants, concert tickets, or car rentals; you can ask it for anything.

  • Appointments & Reminders

    It organises your personal and professional appointments: doctor, mechanic, hairdresser, or banking. It then adds them directly to your calendar.

  • Searches

    It takes care of all your searches: the opening times of the nearest swimming pool, the programme at your favourite museum, or finding directions. Thanks to your Companion, you no longer need to use hundreds of individual applications; ask it directly, just by talking to it.


  • As soon as we found out about Wiidii, we were interested in their product. It is absolutely ingenious. We signed a strategic partnership in order to combine our experience and their application to create PLEEZ!. By combining your concierge service with the AXA environment, we are distributing PLEEZ! around the world as a solution for our partners.

    Julien BRUNEL

    Head of Concierge Offers and Product Design, AXA Partners
  • Caisse d’Epargne Côte d’Azur has been working with Wiidii since 2017. Their assistant adheres fully to our mission statement “to be useful to you” (Vous être utile). We tested the product by giving it a name which added a personalised dimension and brought it closer to the customer, “Mon génie” (My Genie). By adding new partnerships and payment solutions, we are working to further improve the service with a very reactive team at Wiidii, who know the meaning of customer service.

    Bénédicte SOLANET

    Caisse d'Épargne Côte d'Azur Board of Directors
  • Wiidii is THE solution we opted for to provide a unique experience to our customers. Thanks to this new generation pocket concierge, our clients benefit from a personal assistant for the entirety of their stay. Our clientele can be easily helped to book restaurants or taxis, find tickets for concerts, or get information about the city they are visiting.

    Jean-Bernard FALCO

    President of Paris Inn Group

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