Quality Charter

Wiidii wanted to develop the service commitments for its clients and ensure they are respected in order to improve the quality of the services provided. By fulfilling the commitments of said charter, WIIDII ensures an appropriate service provider is there to meet our client’s expectations.


All requests are processed with the utmost care in the minimum amount of time possible. If the robot answers, then the reply is immediate. When the request requires human intervention, our assistants take over and provide an answer within a delay of maximum five minutes depending on the complexity of the request. In any case, a natural conversation takes place between the user and WIIDII, in their native language. The user is always in contact with their assistant and knows how their request is progressing in real time.


WIIDII ensures the utmost discretion regarding all services and information concerning users and guarantees respect of confidentiality and of the private life of the user.

All exchanges on the WIIDII servers are numbered and completely secure. No personal data is released from WIIDII’s servers.


We are committed to using all possible material and human resources to satisfy the demands of our users and clients. All claims are attended to with the shortest possible delay, and preventive and corrective measures are put into place if necessary due to the complexity of the request.

Our team of qualified assistants pay close attention to our users in order to provide high quality answers.


Our client’s satisfaction is fundamental. Our customer service is available to all users and partners for any request, idea, or complaint. Analysing customer satisfaction surveys, and the complaints that we gather allow us to understand and ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Our assistants are bound by obligation of means and not of results and must respond to all requests as long as they are morally, legally and humanly achievable. However, if our team is unable to meet the user’s requirements, they are committed to finding an alternative to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence and human know-how, all requests are processed with the greatest care.

The abilities of WIIDII’s humanised personal assistant are immense. It gets to know the users more each day to better assist and respond to them.

Its intelligent search engine grows bit by bit thanks to users and to our technical team.


This personal assistant’s transparency guarantees quality and reliable services.

We are committed to providing clear and detailed information concerning rates and services, to outlining our business relations via a contract signed by both parties and strictly respecting the legislation relating to our activity.

These are the commitments that we implement daily to satisfy our clients and users.


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