An Innovative Assistant

The hybrid personal assistant: HE will revolutionize your life


Wiidii is not only innovative by his combination of machine and humans.

His artificial intelligence is unique, because you can have a real conversation with Wiidii. Everyday, the A.I learns from you in order to provide even more relevant answers.

The more you use Wiidii, the more he gets to know you and provide you with more personalized answers. He stores securely all the relevant information about you and all the data you want him to store for you. In a way, he becomes your digital clone who can do for you all the tasks you do not want to do anymore.

His abilities are beyong imaginations. He learns from you and the other users everyday in order to better assist you and better answer you. His smart search engine grows everyday thanks to the users.

Last year, Wiidii was an ambitious project. Today, it has become a reality.